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Intro to Portfolio Analytics (English) | Free Analysis for your Properties | Training Session

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Videographer: PriceLabs
Date: 09/22/21
Description: In this webinar, we will discuss the ins and outs of Portfolio Analytics, and how to make the most of the functionalities we’ve introduced recently. PriceLabs is a revenue management solution that combines human control with best-in-class automation and market data to maximize revenue. We bring a data-driven approach, automation rules, and extensive customizations to manage pricing and minimum-stay restrictions for larger portfolios in bulk. This helps property managers increase revenues and save hours in the process. Our system tracks vacation rental and hotel data from around the globe to identify trends in bookings, which are then used to generate unique prices for every day of the year based on what is happening locally. We let users set their own price level for each listing and customize our trends to best fit their historic performance. Users can also automate complex pricing and dynamic minimum stay strategies which are then automatically uploaded to their Airbnb account, PMS, or channel manager on a daily basis.